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Exquisite Hawaiian Sea Turtle: Handcrafted Glass Earrings with Coral Reef Inside the Shell

Exquisite Hawaiian Sea Turtle: Handcrafted Glass Earrings with Coral Reef Inside the Shell

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Introduce a touch of Hawaiian culture to your jewelry collection with our Honu Green Sea Turtle Earrings. These unique handcrafted earrings are inspired by the Hawaiian green sea turtle, a native turtle of the Hawaiian islands and a revered symbol in Hawaiian legends. These earrings not only represent the beauty of the ocean and the honu's significance in Hawaiian culture but also represent the honu's real-life journey of swimming hundreds of miles to their own birthing place to lay eggs.

Each earring features a stunning display of the honu's natural pattern and look. The artist has spent over 20 years studying the pattern and look of real sea turtles to ensure that the head and flippers of these glass pendants have a natural look to them. This sea turtle jewelry is a perfect keepsake to remind you of the great attraction the honu has on people. The small sea turtle necklace has evolved with beautiful shiny colors to help enhance the charm of your place.

Our earrings are handcrafted with fine craftsmanship using only the finest quality coe33 glass that is expertly treated with various processes to reveal a creation that is utterly exquisite, smooth, shiny, and durable enough to enhance your charm for longer without losing its aesthetic appeal. The size of the earrings is suitable for comfortable wearing. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities that’s why our artists use the best possible tactics while manufacturing our sea turtle necklace for girls. However, it is entirely handmade artwork, it may differ slightly in color, style, or shape from the original picture.


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