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Unique Sea Turtle Sculpture with Opal Colored Jellyfish Inside.

Unique Sea Turtle Sculpture with Opal Colored Jellyfish Inside.

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One-of-a-kind mind-blowing piece of glass art, Turtle sculpture, made with love and gratitude. I have spent over 20 years studying the pattern and look of real sea turtles, and I think you will find that the head and flippers of these glass pendants have a natural look to them, like the great green sea turtle or Honu as the Hawaiians call it. This remarkable sea turtles sculpture will make a luxurious addition to your living space. This sea turtle sculpture has evolved with beautiful shiny colors to help enhance the charm of your place. This breathtaking piece of glasswork has this opal-colored jellyfish as if it is swimming inside the shell of this majestic honu. The base of this sculpture is filled with an amazing display of emerald shine with tidepool green coral reefs surrounding it.

Please understand this is handcrafted by an intense flame from a glassblowing torch so color, styles, and shape may vary slightly for the original picture. The sculpture is around 3.75 inches or (9.5 cm) from the top of the head to the bottom of the flipper, and it is 3 inches tall or (7.6 cm) and it is created with strong durable glass, crafted with coe33 glass rods just like marbles are. 

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